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My journey

Oorja CEO's photo
Shiela Malkani, founder of Oorja


I’m a certified nutritionist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and big foodie and passionate cook which is why I also consult businesses on developing healthy menus that delight the gut as much as the palate. I am half German, half Indian and grew up with the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine practices, sowing the seeds for what would eventually, after nearly 20 years of corporate life, become my full time obsession.Oorja is Sanskrit for “energy” and my mission with Oorja Health is to allow everyone to access their best possible health – from tapping into your best energy to learning about the otherwise invisible workings of YOUR body and specifically your hormones which govern pretty much everything.

Shiela Malkani reading a book about ATLAS

I am passionate about the science and once I started to learn about the functional intricacies of metabolism I was hooked – and I realised that between the noise about what is good or bad and pseudoscience there is a real need for truly personalised medicine. Our bodies are intricately balanced and no one is like anyone else – as such I have learned to disregard diet paradigms but to assess every client individually within her or his individual data, real time. Age, genetics, microbiome, anti-biotics history... the list is endless as to what makes up your individual metabolism and I love the fact that every client is different with radically different reactions to different foods and activities which keeps me on my toes and learning! And you get a truly personalised program for you in return.

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