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Metabolic Reset Program

Shiela Malkani at her office

Signature Oorja Metabolic Reset Program

I designed a program specifically focusing on metabolic health improvement on a truly personalized level. As part of this program I use continuous glucose monitors (CGMs)- a small chip with a tiny needle that gets inserted in the back of an arm. Wearing a CGM allows us to open up the “black box” of how well YOU metabolise your food choices, the impact of movement, stress and alcohol, sleep etc. on your day - this opens up the path to a truly personalised health approach, which will not only be preventative of disease but aims to optimise your personal health in the mid to long term.

Signature Oorja Metabolic Reset Program


Metabolic health is how we generate and process energy for and in our cells. Insulin is the key gatekeeper hormone for this and needs to be quite tightly regulated for our metabolism to work optimally. Metabolic Health - or rather the lack thereof - is at the root of literally every major chronic disease from cancer to Alzheimers to cardiovascular disease, as well as pretty much every hormonal issue from fertility to andropause to lack of libido etc. On the upside, optimised metabolic health allows for impressive performance and wellbeing gains including a healthier and stronger body structure, better mood and brain power.

I love to add value by making the data actually useful and actionable. It is one thing to know what is wrong, it is another to know how to improve it, especially when there are so many different vectors at play. My clients sign up to the sensor, and give me access to their data. The first week would be assessing your status “regular”, i.e. without any particular intervention. I will analyse that data and make recommendations. As of week 2 we would then start testing out some personal interventions based on your personal health goals and the level of interventions you are happy to make.  By the end of week three I can give a complete recommendation on food choices but also for exercise and sleep, if so desired. 

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